About Shanghai 1930

Located at the heart of Wantirna, Shanghai 1930 chinese restaurant is an ideal place for a romantic dinner for two, a business lunch, a special celebration or just a gathering of family and friends. Shanghai 1930 is a fine and elegant restaurant. When considering for dining destination, one could easily define Shanghai 1930 as a premium restaurant, this however does not mean that they need to pay a “Premium”. Shanghai 1930 is moderately priced and yet delivers some of Melbourne’s most exquisite shanghai cuisine, in both traditional and contemporary manner.

Shanghai cuisine is the youngest among the ten major cuisines in China though with a history of more than 400 years. Traditionally called Benbang cuisine, it originated in the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1840). Shanghai dishes usually look red and shiny, for they are often pickled in wine and their cooking methods include baking, stewing, teaming, deep-frying, etc. In the later part of 19th century after Shanghai became a major domestic and international trading port, Benbang dishes underwent some substantial changes by adopting certain merits of other cuisines. It formed a complex flavor structure, cooking style and technique norms. It stresses on using condiments and keeping the original flavors of the materials and has features of being fresh, smooth and crispy. Shanghai Dishes aim at lightness in flavor, and beautifulness in decoration.

The founder of the restaurant, “Shao Meng”, is a chain restaurant proprietary in Shanghai. It is first formed in 1992 in north-east part of Shanghai, where the majority cuisine is traditional. Over the years of expansion, it has adopt some of most popular contemporary shanghai cuisine and yet reserves its essence in Benbang cuisine. Now with the open of Shanghai 1930, “Shao Meng” would like to share its passion in shanghai cuisine here in Melbourne.